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Author Topic: Super Mario Adventures Online Rules  (Read 58 times)


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Super Mario Adventures Online Rules
« on: March 04, 2016, 05:37:44 am »
These are the rules for Super Mario Adventures Online Breaking any of these rules will result in either a warning, kick, mute, or ban depending on which rule was broken.

Each rule broken will result in either a warning, kick, or temporary mute, but a more serious rule broken might result in an automatic temporary ban or a permanent mute. Once you receive 3 warnings, you will be temporarily muted, and once you receive 3 kicks, you will be temporarily banned for a week. When you receive a warning, you will be notified in-game. It is advised that you read the reason you were given this warning so you will know why you were warned. Please don't keep breaking the rules, otherwise you will be permanently banned.

Rules with a * before them indicate a rule with no leniency. This means that such actions will have a zero tolerance policy. Rules without a * are still rules, but depending on the situation, may be ignored.

1. No swearing of any sort.
2. *Do not make any player feel uncomfortable or unwelcome to Super Mario Adventures Online.
3. *Do not insult any other player. Constructive criticism is welcome, though.
4. *Do not type or spell out anything inappropriate. This game is for people of all ages.
5. *Do not abuse in-game glitches.
6. *Do not judge players solely on their in-game level. Calling new players "noobs" or anything of the sort shows that you do not wish to have them in the game. It also breaks rule #2. Instead of wasting time calling them "noobs," try to help them out instead. Let's be real; everyone was a noob at some point.
7. *Do not type out links to anything illegal. This includes ROMs and copyrighted material.
8. *Do not hack or attempt to hack in any way.
9. Do not overuse caps lock. We understand that you may be excited or frustrated about something, but please try to control yourself.
10. Do not spam in any way. This includes asking the same question many times and typing long lines of random letters for no reason.
11. Please don't pressure the Developers to finish creating something. This may cause them to rush their work, leading to lower quality material in the game. This may also increase the risk of bugs and glitches.
12. If a staff member is not responding to your questions, then he/she is probably busy working. Please do not keep asking the staff member the same question many times because he/she needs to concentrate on his/her work. The staff member will answer your question when he/she has time.
13. *Do not advertise other Mario online RPGs at all. Doing so will result in an immediate one week ban. This rule was added because recently many people have been using SMAO as a method of advertising. Note that you may discuss them, but I may consider it advertising if you actively bring them up.
14. Act appropriately and in a civilized manner.

This is not a rule, but have fun! We want you to enjoy your experience with Super Mario Adventures Online.

Please think before you act. You might break a rule without meaning to. I don't see a reason to break a rule in a game you want to play.

**The Super Mario Adventures Online staff have the right to kick/ban any player breaking these rules.**

The rules can be changed at any given time. Feel free to question any of the rules listed above. Only serious concerns regarding the rules will be considered. You're also free to question any moderator/administrator's actions.

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